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Terms & conditions

1. term/cancellation

The contractual user relationship between Dijana Mo and you is concluded for an indefinite period of time and can be terminated by either party with due notice. The termination must be received by the other party in writing or text form (e.g. e-mail or letter) to be effective.


Upon termination of the User Agreement, Dijana Mo is entitled and obligated to irrevocably delete your Member Account.


Dijana Mo reserves the right to terminate the user relationship with immediate effect and to block the user account in the event of good cause, in particular in the event of violations of these GTC and other contractual obligations, or in the event of disruptions, abuse or damage to the reputation of this platform.


2. payment processing and payment services

For the simple and uncomplicated payment of services ordered for a fee via the Dijana Mo platform, I provide you with the use of various payment services and options. You can start this use by clicking on the corresponding button of the payment service provider within the binding order process of services. This will then take you to the corresponding page of the respective payment service provider.


In doing so, we only provide access to the page of the respective payment service provider, but do not become a contractual party in the context of the payment process.


All payment claims arising from any fee agreements and services are due after completion of the purchase process and before the respective consulting service - unless I have stated otherwise in my offer.


Among the payment options, the user can choose - if several are available - e.g. between prepayment (invoice), PayPal®. We reserve the right to exclude certain payment options individually or to add them subsequently.


It may be necessary for you to enter into a contractual relationship with the corresponding payment service provider in order to use payment services. You will receive the corresponding information at the beginning of the payment process.

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